Studio Lungarni | SERVICES


Architectural Design

Project planning and execution are led by an experienced project manager, who shall take care of assembling a highly qualified team of skilled professionals, assigned with the creation of an overall layout of a property.


Restoration services may be carried out directly on site or in carefully selected workshops, combining highly specialized craftsmanship based on perpetuated traditional knowledge by generations with the support of updated technology. The execution of restoration projects is carried out by highly specialized restorers and laboratories. In specific occasions we collaborate with renowned institutes, among them the Opificio delle Pietre Dure of Florence and the Academic Istitute LABO.R.A.

Interior design

Our team creates and develops design concepts for interiors of showrooms, private residences, villas, apartments and holiday resorts. In close cooperation with the client, we plan and execute each and every aspect of conversion in construction and of the decorative details, light planning and the choice of contemporary and antique furniture and fittings, revealing a reclaimed mixture of modern leisure and harmonious proportions.

Graphic design

Our creative process for the development of corporate identity starts from the reflection on identity and concepts that the client aims to bind to its image, developing the whole corporate image.

Computer graphics

The team offers expertise and experience in the field of three-dimensional modeling and implementation of rendered images, through the use of the best software, putting their ability to serve customers in the field of architecture and interior design.

Professional photographic services

The office offers expertise and efficiency in the field of photography of interior and exterior, making use of professional tools in optics and software for post-production of images, aimed to emphasize and maximize a property in the field of sale or rental as well as for publications in journals and magazines.

Real estate research and consultancies

Our real estate department provides services to people wishing to rent exceptional villas or country homes in the best locations of Florence and Tuscany and to those planning to buy a permanent or second home abroad, whether it is a farmhouse, a historical villa or an investment in a development site. We will assist you with qualified advice in the research, evaluation and creation of your desired retreat.